Big Lots Survey Rewards | 2024 - Big Lot Survey

Big Lots Survey Rewards | 2024

Big Lots Survey Rewards

The Big Lots Survey Rewards program is one of the best ways to keep customers returning. It’s free, and you can earn a reward for every purchase!

It’s meant to reward their biggest fans who buy from them a lot (a reward every three sales!).

As part of the Big Rewards program, you can often get 20% off coupons, coupons for Big Bucks, 10% off for military and veterans, and birthday surprises. Many of their deals can use with Rewards.

Big Lots Survey Rewards

Big Lots Rewards

Every month, the Biglots poll gives you a chance to win a $1,000 gift card by telling them about your experience.

How Will I get my Big Lots Survey Rewards?

Depending on when you buy something, your account email will let you know about your Rewards in 7–14 working days. If you want to get Rewards alerts, the email address linked to your BIG Rewards account must be valid and working.

You’ll receive a Rewards email every Friday, so check it. You get a coupon for almost every buy you make that qualifies.

As a Rewards Member, you can only get rewards when logged into your account or when you check out.

If you don’t have your card with you, most shops can look up your account. They can call or email you.

Can I access my Rewards in any Other Way?

If you go to and join in, you can always see the available deals. To get notifications, you must give an actual email address.

This is a helpful hint! You can save the “My Big Offers & Rewards” page on your iPhone or Android phone to quickly access your coupons and rewards.

Go to any Big Lots email and click “my account” at the bottom. This link will take you to the My Offers page. You can also get the page on your phone. You’ll go straight to your offers when you click on the link.

How I can use Big Lots Survey Rewards ?

Rewards coupons can use on almost anything. and stores accept Rewards coupons for most things, whether they regularly price, on sale, or cleared out.

You can use reward coupons to place new price holds, sign new leases, and place special orders. See your prize for more information.

Rentals, donations, gift cards, tax-free items, price holds, special orders, and Lease transactions that have already been finished are not included. Some things may be left out.

Conclusion – Big Lots Survey Rewards

With Big Lots Survey Rewards, you’ll have a better time buying and getting more from every trip to one of their stores. They work hard to give their regular customers the best deals and rewards, which makes shopping at Big Lots more fun.

You can get what you want from their loyalty program, whether significant discounts on the things you love, special deals for members, or fun gifts. Don’t miss this great chance to get the most out of your shopping.